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23 November
Boarding house for the elderly and disabled. Бахчисарай 5
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10 November
I offer a job as a nurse, nurse Donetsk
Babysitters / Nurses

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13 October
Everything in our life takes time, and sometimes this precious resource is not enough to be in time for everything. Sometimes, the working day can be significantly delayed, and worries will take up all the time. Then it is quite difficult to carve out at least a minute for our relatives and friends. The issue is especially acute in the case of children who cannot be left alone, or elderly or sick relatives with whom you need to spend the whole day looking after and caring for them.
In such a situation, qualified specialists will become excellent assistants who can provide proper comfort to your loved ones, while you earn money.

Babysitting service

Children are the flowers of life. Every parent loves their child and wants to give him all the best. First of all, take care of the baby and let him develop and feel comfortable in that world. True, sometimes there is not enough time at all to sit with children, especially if the parents have a whole business or a responsible position on their shoulders, which requires a lot of time.
In this case, hiring a nanny in Kiev would be an excellent solution. This will not only save you the hassle of your child, but will also help in his development. After all, a good nanny not only looks after your baby, but also takes care of him, and gives him the opportunity to learn something new and interesting every day. A good nanny is a specialist who has the skills to:

  • teacher;
  • a doctor;
  • a psychologist.

In addition, the nanny should love children and be attentive and open to them. Having obtained such a specialist for your child, you will not only get a nanny in Kiev, but also a real friend and mentor for your child.
To hire a nanny inexpensively, we recommend starting your search on the Internet, where there are many candidates. It will be especially convenient to do this on our website My Jooj, where only the best representatives of this profession are gathered.

Nursing services

Another popular service in this area is the services of a nurse in Ukraine. Such a specialist will take care of your loved ones who need care and attention. This will help you save your time while providing quality care for your loved one. After all, it is known that sometimes, for a quick recovery, a person constantly needs a physician near him, who will monitor his health and control his condition.
Hiring a nurse in Kiev means taking care of your loved one and providing him with the best care and attention. As you know, when looking for a good nurse, you need to pay attention to her medical education. Although this is not all that a good nurse should have. First of all, she must be a good psychologist, treats her clients with love and treats them with care. Sometimes the right approach, constant attention and maintaining a positive atmosphere are the best medicine for the patient.

There are many ways to find a good nurse today. The main method is the Internet, although you should be careful here and trust trusted specialists and sites, because there is a risk of getting into low-quality specialists. We recommend using the services of our message board My Jooj. On the vastness of our site, you can hire a nurse inexpensively, while getting an excellent specialist who knows, and most importantly, loves his job.