To saddle an iron horse is always a kind of drive, a desire to receive emotions and throw out your energy. There is nothing better than riding a cool motorcycle, even better if this motorcycle is yours. Buying a used motorcycle is always a kind of gamble, so you should be especially careful to inspect a vehicle before buying.
Thanks to the my jooj platform, buying a motorcycle in Ukraine has become even easier, because now all the best is collected in one place. It is very simple to use the service, it is enough to indicate the desired characteristics of the two-wheeled friend and the acceptable price range. Inexpensive scooters, cool bikes and sports motorcycles, necessary parts and good old moto like greetings from the 90s. - all of this can be found on our platform. 

What you should pay attention to when purchasing motor vehicles


Finding flaws in motorcycles is easier than in cars - everything is in plain sight, but nevertheless, if you are not well versed in technology, it is better to come for an inspection with a familiar mechanic. What should be focused on: 
  • first of all, ask for documents, if the seller has difficulty answering your request, then there is a problem;
  • the age of motor vehicles, and, of course, you can't look at the mileage, and the vehicle can be tuned beyond recognition, but still. Some moto brands even changed their badge a little, depending on the year of manufacture. A motorcycle that has been running for more than 20 years is considered a little old, while ten years old are quite young and promising; the older the bike, the more difficult it is to find parts and accessories for it;
  • the buttons on the control panel will also indicate age, they are often bright red, but over time the paint fades and becomes slightly pinkish; traces of a fall on a supported motorcycle will be visible due to the condition of the exhaust pipe, on the footpegs. You should also pay attention to the evenness of the coating, the presence of dents, and irregularities in the frame indicate serious damage.
  • pay attention to the condition of the brake discs and pads, if there are cracks and rust, if any, this indicates the ingress of water, which could even penetrate the gearbox of the vehicle;
  • the most important and expensive thing in a motorcycle is the engine, it cannot always be judged by its sound, all noises and knocks can be detected by driving it to the service station. 

Motorcycle and safety  

A vehicle such as a motorcycle is a full-fledged vehicle that picks up speed, rushes along with all cars on the highway, so safety is paramount here, because unlike a car with belts and airbags, motorcyclists only have a helmet.
When buying used equipment in the secondary market, do not forget for the safety and those around you. Trust an experienced mechanic before buying to check everything on the bike: 
  • candles;
  • engine;
  • brake system;
  • lighting;
  • check the operation of all sensors and alarm indicators.

To buy a motorcycle in Kiev, that's not all, after that we recommend driving the unit to a service station, let them make diagnostics, fill in good oil and fix all minor problems, if any. Remember, a very low price when buying a vehicle should be on your guard, unless you take equipment for disassembly.