Commercial property

ОРЕНДА під офіс, перукарню, магазин, гутрівню Дрогобыч 8
Аренда офисов

100 UAH Negotiable


29 May
Selling a ready-made OSZ business in the Center 350 m2 st. Rustaveli 31! Харьков 6
Продажа отдельно стоящих зданий

9 873 522 UAH

Харьков, Червонозаводской

12 January
Аренда помещения в р-не Ц. Рынка Nikolaev 8
Аренда помещений свободного назначения

12 000 UAH

Nikolaev, Заводский

11 October
Продам помещение с летней площадкой, 4 Слободская. Nikolaev 8
Продажа отдельно стоящих зданий

3 108 331 UAH

Nikolaev, Центральный

11 October
Аренда помещения 32 кв.м. рынок Колос, проходное место! Nikolaev 8
Аренда помещений свободного назначения

9 000 UAH

Nikolaev, Ленинский

11 October
Аренда цокольного помещения 32 кв.м., Центр Nikolaev 8
Аренда помещений свободного назначения

7 000 UAH

Nikolaev, Центральный

11 October
Помещение г. Киев под обмен валют, ломбард, салон красоты, офис. Kiev 8
Аренда помещений свободного назначения

7 500 UAH

Kiev, Святошинский

23 September
Сдам в аренду ГАРАЖ Kiev
Аренда складов


Kiev, Шевченковский

25 July
Сдается в аренду салон красоты в центре города Kiev 2
Аренда магазинов / салонов

70 000 UAH


1 July
Real estate is an integral element of material wealth. If used correctly, you can make good money on it. Commercial real estate is a win-win option, an excellent investment for the future.
Such property is necessary for both beginners and experienced businessmen. Any enterprise, regardless of the type of activity, needs a room. Someone will need a large area, and some just need a few square meters.
Demand creates supply. The commercial real estate market in Ukraine attracts attention with an abundance of tempting options and is designed for consumers with different wallet thicknesses. The main thing is to decide what you need, for what purposes, how much you are ready to allocate for the object. Consider this question carefully, considering many factors. 

Commercial real estate lease 

Not everyone can buy out an object in order for it to become their private property. In this case, rent will help out. It has several advantages and disadvantages.
  • you can find a space for every taste and request;
  • move out if something goes wrong. True, at the end of the lease agreement.
  • it is not always possible to equip the space according to your requirements;
  • regular payment for the rental of premises.
When deciding to rent commercial real estate, use a rational approach, take into account your own strengths and possible force majeure. This will avoid disappointment and help your business grow. 

Commercial real estate sale 

If finances allow, do not miss the chance to buy a certain object. This is a profitable investment. Such a successful purchase opens up many horizons, allowing you to make your wildest dreams come true. It also requires a lot of responsibility. Renovation, design, organization of space, utility bills, comfort of employees - the owner is responsible for all this. Having your own commercial real estate requires a lot of resources, but this is a sign of status and success. 

Where to rent or buy commercial property? 

The MyJooJ website contains a catalog of commercial real estate in Ukraine. This is a gorgeous database of ads from different parts of the country - regional, district centers, villages and small towns. A clear structure, user-friendly interface and regular updating of offers greatly simplify the search for commercial real estate. Each ad is accompanied by informative descriptions, real photographs. Prices and contact details of the owner are indicated. 
The category includes two sections: 
  • rent;
  • sale.

It is convenient to study the range of commercial real estate online. At any time of the day, you can both view and add your ads. You will need a simple free registration. By becoming a user of our site, you will always be aware of what is happening on the commercial real estate market, both in a particular city and throughout Ukraine.


We value your trust and strive to justify it. We work for you, providing a valuable informative stream.


It is easy to buy inexpensive commercial property in Ukraine on the MyJooJ website. Be patient and be sure to find a position that fully meets your expectations.